Wednesday, September 30, 2009

That's F***ing Enough!

Newsmax posts, then deletes and distances itself from an article promoting a military coup against President Obama:
Newsmax appears to have taken down its article endorsing a potential military coup as the only way to solve the "Obama problem". But here's the full text of the article as it originally appeared.

As noted previously, the article not only endorsed the idea but seemed to suggest that top military brass were also planning or actively considering such an option.

That's it: I've had it with the wingnuts and teabaggers pissing & moaning because they lost the election. GET OVER IT. A small minority of far-right idiots are parroting Fox Noise and GOP talking points, acting like spoiled children because their party is out of power, parading themselves in front of a content-starved media, and we're supposed to believe that 1) they represent anything other than an insignificant minority of fools, traitors, racists, and the terminally stupid; and 2) that they even know and understand anything about the issues they're protesting. Meanwhile, the so-called "responsible" GOP politicians are kowtowing to these mindless fools, because their base is all they have left for support, and we're supposed to believe that they represent the "loyal opposition", and respect them and their opinions?

And now we've got a wingnut actively promoting the overthrown of our legitimate, democratically elected government?

That's fucking enough.

It's time to play hardball with these bastards. Pass the needed health care legislation with 51 votes in the Senate, and let them howl. Push through Congress all the reforms and repairs needed to reverse the last thirty years of Republican-led destruction of our institutions, government, and society. Stop pretending that the GOP is interested in the welfare of our country, and ignore them in the House and the Senate; realize that all they're interested in is power. Arrest these right-wing anarchists who advocate the overthrow of the government, or the assassination of the President. And fer shitssake, stop showing these fools on cable news programs!

I know that President Obama came into office with a deep and honest commitment to bipartisan government, but when the opposition is only interested in kicking you in the balls, it's time to start kicking back. Mr. President, please remember that we elected you to repair, revive, and reform our country, that you swore an oath to "preserve, protect, and defend" the Constitution, not to spare the feelings of a small group of power-hungry bastards and their mindless drones. You know what's needed to be done, so let's do it.

To paraphrase Bill Maher, the time for the "audacity of hope" has passed; it's time for some audacity itself.

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