Thursday, June 29, 2017

This Is Not Normal

I have never been a fan of Mika Brzezinski. I've raged and insulted her for years; in fact, one of my most popular posts starts out by calling her a "dumb bitch." I still don't think she's very bright, and I wonder if her father hadn't been Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor, would she have risen so far?

That said, I am not the President of the United States of America.

The early morning tweets today from the man currently occupying the White House about Mika are beneath the dignity of the office of the President. What Agent Orange said was not only a lie - there's photographic evidence of that - it was sexist, inaccurate, petty, and wrong, wrong in a "what's WRONG with you, dude?" sense.

I'm a guy sitting in front of a computer, sending my thoughts and opinions out to the world. I don't - yet! - have the power to move markets, create tensions in capitals around the world, or make dictators sleep uneasily. I do believe that my words can affect the general conversation in our country, and perhaps be an additional push toward creating a just society for us all.

So Mika, I apologize for saying you're a "bitch." It wasn't meant in a sexist manner, more of a general insult, but nevertheless I hereby retract the word, and will try to restrain myself from using it in the future.

As for Agent Orange, the Tangerine Traitor occupying the White House, I ask again: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? And to the Republicans who see his instability, ignorance, and toxic personality every day: WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FIX THIS? Are you so addicted to power, and so lustful for more, that you will continue to ignore the many and various faults, deceits, disloyalties, and deficiencies of this man? He must be removed from office, for the good of the country, and frankly, the future of your party.

Seriously, do you Republicans want to be associated with this man when his treasonous dealing with Russia are finally revealed? Do you want to wait until the entire nation is howling for his traitorous head (and Jared's, and Mike Flynn's, and Steve Bannon's, and Stephen Miller's...but I digress)? Does anyone remember 1976? That wasn't so good a year for you guys, was it? The stink of Tricky Dick was all over all of you, and you lost around the country. And he hadn't turned traitor, Nixon and the other Watergate conspirators were all home-grown! How will you all look when it's revealed that all along, your President was Putin's puppet?

Remove Donald J. Trump from office. This the only way forward.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Uncle George's Condi Rice Has Lost Her Goddamn Mind

Uncle Don's Condi Rice thinks that Agent Orange "may sound different than other presidents, but he believes in American values."

I believe that Cranky Condoleezza - who for 7 1/2 years was never seen to crack a smile, who was the National Security Advisor when Bush received the infamous Presidential Daily Brief containing the warning that "bin Laden determined to attack America again" in August 2001; who was a mediocre Secretary of State, at best; the same Condi who never mentioned that she was black or promoted the interests of black Americans while in power, and instead acted like an blackwashed, emotionless Terminatrix until she realized that she needed to get a damn job from some fool, somewhere, after Shrub left the White House - that DrCondoleezza Rice, Ph.D - has lost her goddamn mind, or she's on the take.
(So it's a run on sentence; bite me.)

This is the same woman who's had an oil tanker named after her, but we're supposed to believe that she was and is working in the best interests of American citizens, and not ExxonMobil shareholders. This is the woman whose Ph.D. thesis was an example of the worst fears that racists have about affirmative action, for its incomplete scholarship and overall mediocrity. (Yes, I've read it. Incomplete and mediocre. I can also tell you the fact that her father being an assistant dean of the University of Denver, where she received both her B.A. and Ph.D., didn't hurt her chances of academic success one bit, to say the least). Her initiatives as both NSA and Secretary of State did not make America safer; indeed, it could be argued that the exact opposite occurred during her time in office. Condi has made a lucrative and successful career out of being a black Republican woman in a time and place where there were few others. Now that's what I consider a so-called "race hustler."

So today, she bleats out her support for Agent Orange, asserting that "while the language may be different, and we might talk about needing to deal with policy, I think you're going to see ... that Americans' interests in values are always linked."  She then goes on to absolve tRump for his obvious and dangerous incompetence with the excuse that "it's early days in this administration. Let's remember that."

Say what, now? He doesn't know what he's doing yet, so let's just humor him while he learns how to do his job? Whatever happened to "I know more than the generals?" "I'm a really smart person?" "I have all the best people?" Since when was the Presidency an on-the-job training program? 

Obviously, party loyalty comes before country for Condoleezza Rice. Excusing the stupidity, lack of transparency, ignorance, and questionable patriotism of Agent Orange and most of his administration (I'm still giving Sec. Mattis a pass, though McMasters has shit all over his reputation, and Kelly has turned into an obedient little blackshirt. Tillerson was, is, and always will be an oilman first, so at least there's no deception there.) is merely the newest low in a career built on opportunism, cronyism, self-deception, and bullshit. I wonder how much she charged the Tangerine Traitor for her conversion to Trumpism? At least now, Rice has made it plain that she is and always has been for sale.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Here We Go Again

So Mike Pence, the whitest man in America, just lawyered up, hiring outside counsel to protect his exceedingly Caucasian ass from the special prosecutor. Meanwhile, Jared "Boy Wonder" Kushner is also being investigated for his business dealings, while his father-in-law continues to lose his shit on Twitter, and is reportedly considering firing Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor.

Shades of Watergate, and the Saturday Night Massacre! Nixonian? Nah. Nixon wasn't this stupid!--nor this criminal.

Recall that Jared's father, Charles Kushner, was convicted (by Chris Christie!--now you know why Christie didn't get a job with this administration) and imprisoned for three years on charges of tax evasion. Jared took over the family real estate business, and in recent years has been trying to unload 666 Fifth Avenue (the real address, swear to God!) for quite some time now, his $1.8 billion white elephant of an office building, and the most expensive purchase in Manhattan real estate history. The genius bought this piece of crap at the top of the market, right before mortgage-backed securities crashed and started the Great Recession! Sounds like Boy Wonder got "buy low, sell high" mixed up. Young Jared has reportedly been getting help selling it from the Chinese, starting right after the election. No, that doesn't look suspicious at all! No wonder Mueller wants to take a closer look at his business dealings.

While all this has been going on, Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign manager, has yet to explain how his name would up in a ledger maintained by the former Ukrainian dictator Viktor Yanukovych, next to a large number preceded by a dollar sign and followed by a lot of zeroes. And former national security adviser Mike Flynn has been trying to get immunity from prosecution, in exchange for telling his story to the special prosecutor. Gen. Mike somehow forgot to mention that he was in the pay of Turkey when he applied for his security clearance. He also forgot to mention the time he was Vladimir Putin's lunch guest, for another fat check. Hey, mistakes happen, especially while you're leading chants of "Lock her up!" And especially when you're trying to hide a half-million dollar paycheck from an FBI investigation. So far, though, the special prosecutor isn't interested in making a deal with Flynn; apparently, they don't need his testimony to fry an orange-furred weasel.

In other news, Kellyanne Conway was seen choking down something she said on Twitter, something along the lines of "Most honest people I know are not under FBI investigation, let alone two." Would you like some fries with that, Kellyanne? How about a subpoena?

Meanwhile, Robert Mueller is assembling a team that includes experts on money laundering in eastern European countries, and mob prosecutors. 

What will become of all this? Well, Young Jared knows very well what the insides of Club Fed Penitentiary looks like, and he knows how long he'd last on the inside. Will he become Trump's John Dean? Mike Flynn also has a good idea of what happens to traitors. How much does he know? More importantly, why does Trump keep defending Flynn? What does Trump know, and when did he know it? And why does everyone around him seem to have talked with Russians over the last two years? Time will tell.

And, oh yeah: Jeff Sessions lied his ass off on Tuesday. More to come!