Friday, October 16, 2009

With Friends Like Her, Who Needs Republicans?

Sen. Mary Laudrieu (D-LA) doesn't know what the hell she's talking about, when she talks about health care reform:

Asked specifically about polling data showing the public option with strong national support, the conservative Democrat added, "I think that when people hear 'public option,' they hear 'free health care.' Everybody wants free health care. Everybody wants health care they don't have to pay for. The problem is that we as government and business have to pick up the tab, and as individuals. So I'm not at all surprised that the public option has been sold as free health care. But there is no free lunch."

This is pretty foolish. For one thing, Mary Landrieu, as a senator, takes advantage of a very generous health care plan that lawmakers give themselves. "Everybody wants health care they don't have to pay for"? I suppose that's true, but it's odd to hear the comments coming from someone whose coverage is subsidized by taxpayers.

Who the hell thinks that the public option is a "free lunch?" Who's calling it that? Is she polling the gators or something? What an idiot!

Thanks also to mcjoan at DailyKos.

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