Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Archie Bunker is Afraid of Khalid Sheik Mohammed

Despite what the MSM is reporting, only "old, white, and Republican voters" oppose trying Khalid Sheik Mohammed and the other Guantanamo inmates:

Buried in the internals of the new Marist poll of New York City residents is a striking finding: Opposition to trying Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his co-conspirators in a New York court is almost entirely driven by old, white, and Republican voters.

The poll finds that overall, 45% of New Yorkers think the trial is a good idea, versus 41% who think it’s a bad idea.

When the numbers are broken down by age, the only group against the trial is made up of those over 65, by 46%-41%. The other age groups are in favor of it.

When the numbers are broken down by race, the only group against the trial is made up of whites, by 49%-41%. Blacks and Latinos both favor it, Latinos overwhelmingly so.

And when the poll is broken down by party, Republicans are overwhelmingly against the trial, 68%-23%. Dems and “non-enrolled” both favor it.

Who's afraid of the big, bad terrorist now?


houses Toronto said...

This statistics is really surprising, because the opinions, I heard so far, are all against such a decision and I have to say they are based on a very reasonable basis. Because the decision to try KSM in NY opens the possibility for him to be acquitted, not to speak about the illogicality of the modification of his status from a war criminal, being detained as a POW for many years, to a common criminal. And the fact that many New Yorkers support this decision suggests that they don't realize it makes NY a number one target for the terrorists attacks all over again. Elli

Strong said...

Khalid Sheik Mohammed was always a common criminal, despite the Bush administration's efforts to reclassify him as some new type of threat. The folly of inventing some wholly new type of status for him and other inmates of Guantanamo is proven by its very illegality and extra-Constitutional basis.

New York City also was always a target; it never stopped being one in the years since KSM's capture, and it will remain a top target for many years hence. You think New Yorkers don't know this?

The possibility of Khalid Sheik Mohammed being acquitted is a consequence of our system of justice, and rightfully so. Despite his admitted crimes, KSM has the right as a human being under US jurisdiction to be tried in a court of law. THAT is what makes our country worth defending, not the hope of revenge against those who have injured us. And in the remote possibility that he is acquitted, how long do you think he'll last in New York City??

I respectfully request that you reconsider just where the opinions you've heard on this issue have come from.

houses Toronto said...

I'm sorry but even if I reconsider this matter I don't see anything positive about the decision to try KSM at the civilian court. I mean, I still see him as a war criminal based on the simple fact that due to this act the USA is in a war with Afghanistan and has its troops there. And from the essence of this terrorist attack we can derive it was an attack against the whole country and perhaps its ideology or religious attitude. So in my opinion the original qualification was the right one and to re-qualify the crime now after several years just doesn't make sense. Of course if you would like to put the methods of the previous Bush's administration on trial it is the right choice, however it may come at high cost. Elli