Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Funnies, Part 2: And Now A Message From Wingnut Central, Vegas Division

Nevada's Republican candidate for Senate, Sharron Angle, is making me forget all about the Chicken Lady, Sue Lowden. So far she's shown herself to be a confirmed nutter, so much so that Republican leadership deemed her "not ready for prime time," and has sequestered her from the press until she can learn how to lie better about her earlier positions I can't imagine why. After all, what's so extreme about wanting to end Social Security, abolish the Departments of Energy and Education and the EPA, outlaw alcohol, stop fluoridation of the water supply, supporting Scientology, and offering support for an armed insurrection against the federal government?

Too bad for her that Las Vegas' KLAS-TV caught her for a few unguarded moments. Take a look:

BTW, what's so "Christian" about cussing out a reporter? They're coming out of the woodwork this year, I swear.

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