Monday, January 24, 2011

I Hate Antonin Scalia

There's a high hurdle to be overcome, before I truly hate someone. They have to be a really vile, unrepentant, powerful force for evil. They have to negatively affect the world around them and be incapable of redemption, before they earn my hatred.

Which brings us to United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia. You know, it's bad enough that this guy is a world-class racist, sexist asshole, and wingnut; bad enough that he has a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court; it's bad enough that he's Clarence Thomas' "Massa"--but now he has to openly show his support for the Tea Party??

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia says members of Congress need to get themselves a copy of the Federalist Papers – and make sure they read it.
Scalia made the short walk from the Supreme Court to the Capitol on Monday to speak at a seminar organized by GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann and the Tea Party Caucus. In remarks closed to the media, Scalia told about 50 members of Congress and their staff to "pay attention" and read up on their roles. Attendees described the associate justice as professorial and occasionally playful.

"Playful," my left testicle. Scalia probably plays with his food, too. This stinks to high heaven, and the New York Times doesn't like it any more than I do:

Critics — The New York Times included — have said the arrangement could raise the specter of collusion between conservatives members of the Court and Congress, and lead to further political polarization of the Court.
“Justices who flaunt their politics publicly do more than just lecture — they also can raise cash for ideological allies,” Jonathan Turley, a scholar on the Constitution and a law professor at George Washington University, in wrote in an op-ed piece on Sunday in The Washington Post. Justice Scalia’s appearance, he said, magnifies a larger problem of justices entering the public debate over the law at the expense of judicial neutrality.
“If justices come to personify political movements, the law appears to be merely an extension of the personalities — and the politics — on the bench,” Mr. Turley said.

Hmmm, what's the process for removing a Supreme Court justice, again?

And as for Scalia's pet, Uncle Clarence, are we really supposed to believe that he couldn't figure out how to fill out a disclosure form? Honestly, what's it going to take to get this minstrel show thrown off the Supreme Court?


Kris said...

Scaly and Thomas have continually broken the veil of political anti-partisanship. Their bias is evident and in my opinion has verged on criminal.

The more they get away with, the bolder they have gotten. Since Roberts has come to lead the bench, they've become more blatant in their actions and this new bench leader has proven ineffective, for whatever reason, in reigning in their behavior.

I'll give Roberts the benefit of the doubt until there is evidence to prove differently and assume his lack of experience in comparison to these two out of control justices is leaving him in their wake. Hopefully he wakes up and exerts his leadership ability or admits his incapability and allows some one else to lead the court. (Yeah, I know, it's a big leap of faith.)

Anonymous said...

Very late to the party, but omfg, do I love this post. Scalia should never have been appointed to the supreme court. His hypocritical, idealogical, hateful, garbage opinions are becoming law! I, like you, am loath to say I hate someone, but noone asks for hatred like Antonin Scalia.