Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 5 - "No Flags Flying, No Bands Playing"

The clueless & uninformed cry, because they can't buy lottery tickets, or go to the track. State parks remain closed and roads aren't getting paved (and let me tell you, some of them look like they've been under artillery attack), while 20,000 state workers and counting have been furloughed, Thousands more in state-supported non-profits and dependent businesses nervously wait for the hammer to fall. The Republicans seem to be actually enjoying the shutdown, and T-Paw -  the author of this goddamn mess - has the nerve to brag about the first shutdown he instigated?

Rachel Maddow is right: they have no shame.

Meanwhile, back in my home state of New Jersey, Democrats in the state legislature have just now - after he screwed them on a budget deal of their own-  figured out that Chris Christie is a rat bastard. What took 'em so long??

Fools everywhere, and not enough time to count them all.

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