Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Michele Bachmann Is A Stupid & Crazy Bitch, Part #1,984--and (Hopefully) Jail-Bound Too!

Michele Bachmann (R-CrazyTown) announced that she will not seek a fifth term in office by means of a video released at 02:00 last Friday; an act of typical cowardice for her and her tea party ilk. And although the announcement of her decision to forgo another term came shortly after I announced my return to the blogosphere, I won't make anything of it. More likely, it's the ethics investigations and other accusations of improper conduct that loomed larger in her thoughts.

Now, just a few hours ago, the Huffington Post, linking from Take Action News, reports that the FBI has new evidence in its criminal investigation of Bachmann:
According to sources close to the criminal investigation of Bachmann's presidential campaign, the FBI has now been given sworn testimony and documents alleging Bachmann approved secret payments to Iowa state Senator Kent Sorenson in exchange for his help and support in that state's 2012 Presidential caucuses. Ethics rules explicitly prohibit Iowa lawmakers from accepting payments from Presidential campaigns or PACs. Investigation sources tell Take Action News the FBI is examining money laundering allegations against Bachmann, as well as possible wire fraud and mail fraud.

Hmm, I wondered where David Schuster had gone. The rats are leaving the sinking ship, with little love or loyalty lost. The investigation actually began, according to Mother Jones, when a member of her own staff filed a complaint with the Feds:
In January, Peter Waldron, Bachmann's former national field coordinator, filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission. Waldron, a Florida evangelist who did outreach work to Christian conservatives for Bachmann in Iowa, alleged that her campaign violated federal statutes in five separate incidents.
Wow, even Nixon received more loyalty from his people! Apparently, Michele was too dirty for a fellow Christian conservative. Waldron is followed by other members of her staff who have agreed to testify and speak with the FBI, the FEC, and other investigatory bodies.

Looks like Michele might be going to the Big House. Hey, there's an empty room there, now that Duke Cunningham is out. Wow, what a great "welcome back" present!

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