Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Back Again

I've been teaching myself how to use Ubuntu Linux this last week, hence the scarcity of posts. I've been interesting in learning how to use Linux for a while, and after discovering Ubuntu's Wubi installer, I finally found a way to install Linux on my main box in peaceful coexistence with the Windows XP installation already there. It's not as easy to learn as the Linux fanboys claim, but I'm getting there. As anyone who knows me is aware, I hate Micro$oft's hegemony on personal computing, their medieval ideas about security, and their support for so-called "digital rights management", AKA claiming innocence while aiding and abetting the biggest thieves around. I'm looking forward to achieving my goal of being totally Micro$oft-free in 2009!

Also on the geek front recently, the existence of dark energy has been confirmed, the Cleveland Clinic has successfully completed the first face transplant procedure attempted in America, and President-Elect Obama has selected a Nobel Prize-winning physicist for his Secretary of Energy.

I intend in the next few days to discuss how tech firms seem to be opposed to the card-check bill coming up next year in Congress, Norm Coleman's legal troubles, and the emergence of CNBC as the voice of the opposition; plus Blago, the economic stimulus package, Madoff, and more--stay tuned!

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