Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Farewell To A Nutjob?

Sarah Palin is a woman as stupid as they come. And anyone who thinks that Palin is qualified to be dog catcher, much less president, is an idiot and a damn fool, too. I'm sick of hearing about this ignorant, oversensitive, vindictive, uneducated, greedy, egomaniacal, arrogant woman even more than I'm sick of hearing about Michael Jackson (and believe me, that's saying something). Her never-ending ploys for attention, her bottomless cup of spite for anyone who dares to criticize her, her endless cries of "they're picking on me!"--it all has no ending and no merit. It's fair to criticize her for her cluelessness (her latest? The federal "Department of Law"); it's fair to decry her shameless use of her children as political props, and it's fair to question her, especially if (as is the case) she's a bewildered idiot who thinks she's qualified for national office.

Palin's surprise resignation speech was a big pity party for herself, and most likely her tacit admission that the jig is up: time to find a new con (a book deal and a FAUX News show, anyone?). I personally still think that there's a big negative story and/or investigation about to break about her, and that she got out while the gettin' was good. But seriously, does she really think that the media was unfair to her? I'll show her unfair:
Somewhere, you know the Clintons are laughing their asses off at Sarah Palin punking out of politics. And that'd be even as they shake their heads listening to bullshit pundit after bullshit pundit declare that poor Sarah Palin and her poor kids and her poor husband were treated oh-so-very cruelly by Katie Couric and the Bloggers.

[...]Fuck them and fuck her. Sure, people are gonna say mean shit about her. Sure, Andrew Sullivan might get a bit obsessed over whether or not Trig's Palin's kid or not. And if a candidate preaches abstinence but her daughter gets knocked up before marriage? That'd be kind of relevant. But the mainstream media, for the most part, when it wasn't jacking off about how mavericky this moose-huntin' twit was, questioned whether or not Palin was smart enough or experienced enough to be vice-president. Hey, those are legitimate lines of inquiry, even if George W. Bush took them off the table for a few years.

And as for who's been treated worse?

Whether or not Bill and Hillary Clinton had Vince Foster murdered was discussed on mainstream news channels, not just dismissed as sheer madness. Elected Republicans made jokes about Chelsea Clinton's awkward adolescent looks. And when someone investigates Sarah Palin and talks about the shape of her vagina and how she sucks a dick, then we can even begin to talk about who is treated unfairly. It wasn't just some cranky-ass blogger. It was the way the national media functioned: as a nonstop Clinton attack machine. The Clintons fucking took it all, like Rocky against Apollo Creed, man, in Rocky II.

And all this shit was even before blogs existed. What kind of fucktarded shitstorm would have cycloned through the nutzoid right and the 24-hour news networks, desperately trying to fill time until the world ends, if blogs had been around? Oh, right, ask Barack and Michelle Obama about birth certificates, Bill Ayers, and secret Muslim terrorist agendas.
The Rude Pundit has a very valid point: Palin has no idea of what a hostile media barrage is like, and anything that's been written or said about her, she brought on herself. Palin's incomprehensible resignation speech last Friday was the latest in a long line of signs and indicators that should finally close the issue of whether she's a competent political leader or not. Hell, it should inspire questions about her fitness to be a parent, much less a politician! Her speech was a rambling, disjointed, incoherent mess, and the fact that it was a prepared address rather than an off-the-cuff speech is cause for grave concern about her level of intelligence and the state of her mental faculties. Did she really think that quoting her parents' kitchen magnet would made her sound profound?

In Sarah Palin's world, quitters win. She can abandon her duties as governor in a time of fiscal and political crisis, and be seen as "doing what's best for Alaska." In her world, Palin can dishonestly claim that by resigning, she's saving the state millions of dollars in legal expenses. In the Palin Reality Distortion Zone, it's unfair to take shots at her children, but it's okay to push them forward at nearly every public appearance she makes. Up is down, winners quit, and Russia can be seen from Sarah's front porch. It's almost too much for a member of the reality-based community to endure.

That Palin still appeals to 40% of the electorate says to me that we as a society are becoming irredeemably trivial and ignorant. It frightens me that citizens with the right to vote willingly choose to support such a demonstrably incompetent and corrupt politician, basing their decision on cultural myths, fringe religious beliefs, and gender and racial bias, while eschewing issues such as competence, intelligence, policies, and past performance. But it is only 40%, not a majority. I can only hope that, as Palin snowmobiles off into the sunset, she continues to ignore the counsel of those wiser and more experienced than she. If she just continues to be Sarah, all will eventually turn out right for the nation.

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