Friday, August 14, 2009

Yay, Rachel Maddow!

Dick Armey today resigned his position with DLA Piper, a top D.C. lobbying and law firm, "citing negative attention that the firm is receiving thanks to the role of Armey's corporate-backed outfit, FreedomWorks, in turning out protesters to shut down town hall meetings on health care."

And who do we have to thank for Armey hitting the bricks? Rachel Maddow! Maddow's reporting of the connections between Armey and FreedomWorks, the wingnut outfit responsible for organizing opposition to health care reform, the teabagger protests earlier this year, and the climate change bill. Great job, Rachel! I guess Armey's going to be just another slacker on the public least until he finds another wingnut outfit to suck dry.

Gee, things are tough all over.

So guess who's going to be on Meet the Press this Sunday? Rachel Maddow and Dick Armey! I've got a fiver that says Armey will reference Maddow's sexuality before the first half-hour is over. Any takers?

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