Thursday, October 21, 2010

Anger Trumps Enthusiasm

I've heard repeatedly over the last few months how the Republican electorate is more "enthusiastic" about voting, how the Tea Party has "energized" the GOP voters, how the generic polls show more support for the Republican candidate that the Democratic one. I've listened to pronouncements of doom for the poor dispirited Democratic voters, how the Democratic base is lagging in enthusiasm and is not likely to make a big showing at the polls, how enthusiasm is such a big determinate in both voter turnout and the chances of winning. I've listened to the talking heads predict a Democratic rout, forecasting that the Democrats sit home in a funk on election day, while legions of crazed, white senior citizen teabaggers mob the polls, and elect nutcases like Christine O'Donnell and Sharon Angle to the Senate.

I say that that is not necessarily the case. I say unto thee, nay. I say, in fact, HELL NO!

Anger trumps enthusiasm.

I say that after nearly two years of seeing our lawfully and democratically elected president stymied, denied, and assaulted at every turn, after nearly two years of uninterrupted, unceasing, and universal opposition to every idea, project, and proposal that President Obama and the Democratic Congressional leadership have proposed, after two years of veiled threats and open insults, after two years of birthers,tenthers, racists, nitwits, homophobes, far-right con artists, and just plain kooks, it's time to get mad.

Don't tell me that we can't win, don't tell me that it can't be done, because all the spirits that have gone on before me drown you out. All the lives, all this time, and we're supposed to slow down, change course...because some of you are afraid?

No. Don't fear the change, and don't waste time trying to change the fear. Let the anger burn, and let them fear our anger, for a change.

Anger purifies.

Anger clarifies.

Anger energizes.

Greed may be good, but anger is better.

Anger gets things done.

Get ANGRY, then vote.

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