Thursday, October 21, 2010

Can't Win For Losing

Nancy Pelosi has been the best Speaker of the House in the last century. So, of course, win or lose, the Dems will try to fuck her over:
The Washington Post (via Balloon Juice):
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's mathematical grip on political power is getting slippery.
With House Democrats already bracing for steep losses in the midterm elections, at least five of Pelosi's colleagues have announced in the past two weeks that they would not support her remaining as speaker, should Democrats retain the majority. More than a dozen others have told local and national media that they would consider backing a different Democrat.

Pelosi refuses to discuss any outcome next month other than Democrats staying in power and her still wielding the speaker's gavel. "Would anybody ever go up to somebody during a game and say, 'What are you going to do if you lose?' We're in a fight. We don't even think about losing. We just have our eye on the ball, which is victory," she said Wednesday in a radio interview on the "Gayle King Show." 
Yeah, let's just throw her under the bus! Who's gottten more done in this session of Congress, who's stayed the course, who's carried Obama's water more than Nancy Pelosi? She's got bigger balls than any of 'em! And a bigger brain, heart, too. Idiots, short-sighted idiots, every last one.

Like John Cole, some days I just hate being a Democrat.

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FreeSprirtedRuminations said...

Nicely said. She's an incredibly bright, gutsy woman. Ridiculous that people cannot see that and stand behind her.