Monday, March 21, 2011

Tim Pawlenty Doesn't Know Any Black People

Former Minnesota governor Tim "Whitebread" Pawlenty has released another Jerry Bruckheimer-esque video, this time announcing the creation of an exploratory committee for his bid for the presidency. Wow, whatever happened to "Just Do It"? Does Nike own the rights to the action as well as the words? But, I digress. Guess what's sorely lacking in Pawlenty's new video? People of color!

It's got a lot of white people, plenty of flags, Founding Fathers, a promise to "take back" our country, and Ronald Reagan—who will apparently be the official mascot of the 2012 GOP field—a Republican must be announcing he's running for president.

[...]It turns out that out of the very few minorities featured in Pawlenty's video, most were taken from Getty stock footage.

Now, contrary to popular belief (and an old Chris Rock routine), there are indeed more black people here in Minnesota than Prince and the late Kirby Puckett. However, it doesn't seem that Gov. Whitebread got to know too many of us during his eight years in the governor's mansion. Damn sure he's never said as much as "Boo!" to me. Poor Tim--he had to go to "Rent-A-Negro" to find some dark faces for his video.

Tim, Tim, Tim....we always suspected it.


FreeSprirtedRuminations said...

Makes you wonder if he has ever been out of his own cul-de-sac in the suburbs - except for his limo ride to his former office. His loss, the best part of the Twin Cities are the more diverse and fun areas like Uptown. He was so pathetic and out of touch as a governor, it's ridiculous he thinks he can go to the top.

Strong said...

Yeah, but it might be fun to watch!