Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wisconsin, WTF?

The Wisconsin State Senate tonight illegally passed a bill denying public employees in that state the right of collective bargaining.

Capping a dramatic turn of events, the Wisconsin state Senate on Wednesday night passed a new, stripped-down "budget repair bill" -- which now excludes all the fiscal elements of the original budget repair bill, and simply includes the original's provisions to roll back the collective bargaining and organizational rights of Wisconsin's public employee unions.
With all 14 Democrats absent, having fled the state weeks ago in order to block the three-fifths budget quorum, the bill passed by an 18-1 margin, with only moderate Republican Dale Schultz voting no.

Let's see...No quorum?--OK!
No public review?--OK!
No Democrats save one, in attendence?--Damn right that's OK!

"The Great Orange Satan":
By taking this portion of the bill out of the budget. Republicans are laying bare Scott Walker's lie about how stripping workers of their rights is supposedly a fiscal issue, or Scott Fitzgerald's lie about how the bill supposedly can't be changed. As Fitzgerald admitted earlier today, this is about defunding their political opponents.

I say, recall 'em all. 

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