Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"A Target-Rich Enviromnment"

"This is what I call a target-rich environment." - Tom Cruise, Top Gun

Why am I starting out this post with a quote from a noxious piece of rah-rah Reagan-era propaganda trash today? Because when I look at the Iowa caucuses, it's true! Have you ever seen such a group of losers, sad sacks, incompetents, and just plain fuckups anywhere outside of a circus clown car, or Washington, D.C.?

So we're left with this: a very rich white guy who belongs to a nutty Christian cult (take it from a so-called "descendant of Cain," they're a cult), another rich white guy whom everyone hates and who can't keep his dick in his pants, a crazy old white guy, a crazy white woman, a stupid and crazy white guy, a stupid, crazy, religious nut of a white guy who can't get his name to the top of Google's listings, and another rich white guy from the same cult as Candidate #1, except he says he's not as crazy as the rest--and therefore has a snowball's chance in hell of winning the caucuses, the primaries, or anything else other than a job on CNN, where he can equate demons with honest men and women for a living.

That's not a field of Republican candidates, that's the clown car at the circus emptying out. Whatever happens in Iowa next Tuesday, it's going to leave our country worse off. More ignorant and uninformed, more blind and uncaring, more full of hate. It's a damn shame. So many targets for ridicule, so much hatred to go around, so much ignorance on display...and the whole world can see it. This is the land of opportunity? Yes, the opportunity to show how far we've fallen.

Too many targets, too little time....and too little value in hitting them again.

BTW, would somebody please tell the Donald to shut the fuck up?

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