Monday, August 1, 2016

An Open Letter to the "Berniebros"

Please, STFU. Stop arguing, stop complaining, stop making false and unsubstantiated charges against Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, and just get with the program. The goal is to defeat Donald Trump and the Republicans, and save our country from a fascist tyranny. Your incessant whining about the Democratic primary election being "stolen" is a distraction and a detriment to the vitally important task of defeating Donald Trump for the Presidency of the United States. Your own candidate and his staffers have accepted the fact that he lost. Any malfeasance committed by the DNC had no effect on the amount of votes cast in the primaries, which Bernie lost by over three million votes nationwide. Your unending complaints, your incredible repudiation of your favored candidate's instructions and requests, your ignorance of how the primary system works in the Democratic Party and your unwillingness to learn how it actually does work, and your constant denial of reality, i.e., the fact that Sen. Sanders lost, is fast becoming an obstacle to the goal of defeating an existential threat to the country we all share and which you profess to love.

Repeating GOP lies from the past twenty-five years about Hillary only helps Trump. Calling her "Killary" only reinforces the false narratives that the Republicans have created about her. If you'd ever bothered to research, really research the charges levied against her that you're mindlessly repeating, you'd see that they all come from right-wing sources, from wingnut politicians, pundits, and liars. "Hillary is corrupt." "Hillary is under the influence of Wall Street bankers." "Hillary has persecuted the women that Bill has had affairs with." (This one really strikes me as laughable: what was she supposed to do, invite them into her home for tea & cookies? What would you do, if it happened to you?) "Hillary is a murderer." "Hillary killed those people in Benghazi with her bare hands." "Hillary damaged national security with her email server." "Hillary destroyed 30,000+ emails to cover her ass." (Where are the five MILLION emails that Karl Rove deleted or destroyed in 2007, and why don't you care about them?) "Hillary is a traitor." "Lock her up!" (For what? No one, not even the kangaroo court committees that the Republicans set up to hurt her chances of being elected President, have filed formal charges of criminality against her.) None of these charges are true, none of these charges are reputable, and none of these stories are credible. Stop indulging in GOP wish fulfillment, and learn the real facts!

I understand that you're disappointed that your man didn't win. But crying "foul!" when it's really a case of rough-and-tumble politics as usual, is childish and ineffective. Hillary and Debbie Wassermann-Schultz have been friends and political allies for decades. Did you really think that DWS wouldn't bend the rules to the point of breakage for her old buddy and ally? And if DWS and Bernie had been close instead, would you complain if she had bent the rules for him? More importantly, do you have any evidence, any substantiated proof, anything other than rumor and innuendo, that the primary was "stolen?" Do you realize how serious and offensive a charge you're levying against Hillary? Do you understand that you're calling the entire Democratic Party and its institutions corrupt and incapable of conducting a fair election, simply because of your pique that Bernie didn't win, and you can't accept that?

STOP THIS. Your complaints and charges are threatening to invalidate the entire process, are losing us votes, and are only helping Trump to win. Do you really want to live in Trump's America? Are you so angry that Bernie lost that you're willing to bring down the entire American election system, simply because your candidate lost? Are you so distraught over Bernie's loss that you're willing to risk the loss of our democracy over it? Are you so angry that you even ignore Bernie's pleas to unite behind Hillary Clinton and defeat Donald Trump?

In short, are you willing to see our country burn?
Wake the fuck up.

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Free-Spirited Ruminations said...

Exactly! I like Bernie too, but Hillary has been demonized for so long! I learned a lot about her during the convention. She has done some really good things to help people, and some I don't like - but no politician is perfect and it takes guts and a lot of struggling with little alternatives during a time when women had little choice. I think she will do a good job...and Trump is unqualified and, frankly, frightening. And throwing a vote away on a third party candidate or not voting at all in such a crucial election is foolish...and nominates an egotistical dictator