Thursday, August 25, 2016

Minnesota Republican Forget To Put Trump On The Ballot, Hilarity Ensues

You just can't make this stuff up.

From City Pages:
The Republican Party of Minnesota finds itself in a pickle. 
It's their fault. 
Earlier this year at the state Republican convention in Duluth, the party picked its 10 electoral college voters. The state party was also supposed to choose 10 alternate electoral college names. It didn't. 
Therein lies the problem.
What could've been an in-house mess went public yesterday, when blogger and former Republican Party of Minnesota official Michael Brodkorb noticed that something didn't look right about the Secretary of State's sample ballot. Donald Trump wasn't on it.

The dumbasses forgot to pick 10 alternate electoral voters, and now they're "scrambling" to fix their mess! "According to Pioneer Press reporter Rachel Stassen-Berger, the state GOP filed the proper papers Thursday, and the Trump/Mike Pence team should appear on the sample ballot soon." In other words, they're going to jury-rig a ballot, while their presidential candidate screams from the rooftops that this election is "rigged."

They couldn't have fucked this up worse if they had tried. On the other hand, what do you expect? They're Republicans.

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