Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Convention - Days 2 & 3

Catching up on the week's events...what a week to get sick!

First off, Hillary! She delivered a superb speech on Tuesday night, giving strong support to Obama, and put the question to the PUMAs, "Were you in this campaign just for me?" This speech was exactly what we as a party needed, and what she needed herself to remain as a leader of the party. Sure, it was part survival, but it also was a speech that showed how she is truly one of the most vital members of the Democratic party. "No way, no how, no McCain." Just great!

Then yesterday, the triple-header of Bill, John, and Joe!

Leading off was the Big Dog, Bill Clinton. At long last he remembered that he's a Democrat first, and reminded the audience of what we're fighting for, as only he can. Bill remains one of the premier speakers of his generation, and all his oratorical skills were on display last night. More than anyone else, Clinton knows how to bring to the point home. I hope Obama was taking notes for tonight.

Then later last night, John Kerry delivered a barn burner of a speech--damn, if he has spoken like that in 2004, he'd be running for reelection right now! He stuck it to Bush/McCain with a sharp knife, then twisted it. Unfortunately, some of the networks pulled away to show the talking heads, but Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo links it here.

Finally, Joe Biden gave an intensely personal, passionate speech later in the evening. He's a great addition to the ticket, and will be a great vice president. He's working-class tough, righteously angry, and ready to bring the fight to the Repugs. A strong supporter of women's rights and author of the 1994 Violence Against Women Act, Biden's life and candidacy refutes F. Scott Fitzgerald's contention that "there are no second acts in American lives"--something that I also find personally gratifying. Obama "stopping by" as a surprise didn't hurt, either.

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