Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quick Notes on the Saddleback forum

McCain dispelled all doubts that he will be a pro-life president. All you disgruntled Hillary supporters threatening to vote for McCain should think about this, hard.

Obama was thoughtful, contemplative, and erudite in his responses. He needs to talk less, these are Americans he's talking to, not some people with a decently-long attention span.

McCain basically gave his stump speech tonight, responding with pat answers to questions that should have demanded some critical thought before replying. Of course, the wingnuts in the crowd ate it up.

All things considered, Obama did well tonight, considering he was speaking before an audience of evangelicals.

Finally, if there are any lingering doubts that Karl Rove is running the McCain campaign, tonight should have dispelled them. McCain sounded like Bush, circa 2000. Things are going to get even dirtier and uglier, before Election Day.

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