Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Democratic Convention - Day 1

Been under the weather lately, so a couple of thoughts here in brief.

First of all: Michelle Obama. Classy, intelligent, and a moving speaker. As has been noted elsewhere , her speech wasn't for us (myself and the 3-4 of you out there), but for those in darkest Red America. Speaking to the closeted and public racists alike, she demonstrated that "Hey, we're not scary black people, we're just like you!" Bringing out her daughters was a masterstroke. As Keith Olbermann said, "this is the Huxtable family!" She'll be the best First Lady since Jackie Kennedy.

Secondly, WTF is going on with the network video feed? Who are all these stiffs we see on the screen, and why aren't they more energized? It's the DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION, dammit! This isn't Muffy & Biff in St. Paul next week for the RNC. What gives?

Well, it turns out that it's a pool feed, and Fox controls it. NO WONDER we see so many shots of bored and inattentive people! But why are we being denied excellent speeches like Kucinich's, yesterday? That lack can be laid at the feet of the networks directly, like CNN, which ran talking heads while Kucinich set the house on fire. To paraphrase Kucinich himself, wake up, DNC! Why isn't the DNC controlling the video feed? Someone wasn't thinking.

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