Monday, September 29, 2008

Caribou Barbie "Clueless"

Ed Schultz reports:

The campaign has held a mock debate and a mock press conference; both are being described as "disastrous." One senior McCain aide was quoted as saying, "What are we going to do?" The McCain people want to move this first debate to some later, undetermined date, possibly never. People on the inside are saying the Alaska Governor is "clueless."

The Sarah Palin Dead Pool Clock is still ticking, folks! Who'll give me 5-1 that she'll be off the ticket "to spend more time with her family" before Thursday night's debate? It's starting to look like being AWOL from the debate might be the only way she could be perceived as "winning" it. With even more embarrassing outtakes from the Katie Couric interview on the way, and the certainty of another Tina Fey skit on SNL this weekend, sending her back to the moose and polar bears might be McCain's only option.

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