Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Late Night Update: Norm Coleman, Go F*** Yourself!

MinnPost.com has the scoop on the latest Coleman ad, and it's as false, vile, and disgusting as anything John McCain has run this election year. Produced by the National Republican Senate Committee,
A new Republican ad sports this tag line: "Al Franken. Rape Jokes. Physical assault."

The nearly subliminal linkage flashed at the 20-second mark. A moment later, there's Franken's face, seemingly behind bars.

Though the "bars" are originally shown as a TV wall, watch it and see if it doesn't leave the impression Franken has criminally assaulted women.

Here's the ad itself:

Worse yet,

[Update: The PiPress' Rachel Stassen Berger notes a rather obvious bit of innuendo I missed: the narrator says, "Al Franken writes about committing rape." Stassen Berger says that "could read that Franken committed rape, which is false, rather than suggested a joke that included a rape, which is true."]

I support Al Franken for Senate. I've met Al Franken, and I've never met any celebrity who was friendlier, or more gracious, than Al. Coleman can't run on his record, and he can't run on the issues, because he's been and continues to be dead wrong on both. So what's left? Defaming Franken. Coleman and the Republicons at the RNSC should all be anally violated while burning in hell for creating this ad. But better yet, let's all make a donation to Al's campaign, and help him to win back the Senate seat of Paul Wellstone and Hubert Humphrey.

Thanks also to brownsox at Daily Kos for bringing this to my attention.

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