Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Impressions of Palin's Speech

Well, she fits the qualifications for a GOP candidate:

1. Ability to lie without shame, and

2. Questioning of opponent's patriotism

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Anonymous said...

I thought she was surprisingly effective if you were far, far to the political right and extremely smug and over-confident to anyone else. I tried to weigh her words to see if I would have been as offended at her speech if she was not a woman because I know that, as feminist as our society has become, we still tend to classify tough women as "bitches" or to marginalize their words as "PMSing". This was not the case here as her entire demeanor was mocking and self-satisfied.

But I still think that the Dems would underestimate her at their peril because she is very effective at getting her message across, even if it is an odious one.