Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Crazed Get Crazier

No, this isn't about Michele Bachmann--this time. Apparently, the newest non-lethal offensive from the anti-choice crowd is the "Protest the Pill Day," starting this weekend for the second year. Not satisfied with assassinating doctors and bombing women's health clinics, these authoritarian wingnuts are now trying to convince Americans that birth control pills kill:
The right-wing American Life League and a handful of regional organizations will stand around outside U.S. pharmacies and Planned Parenthood chapters this weekend for the second annual "Protest the Pill Day."

[...]The American Life League blames birth control -- all birth control, conflating the pill with less time-tested contraceptives -- for abortions and a wide variety of deadly health problems. The group's Web site also helpfully provides a nationwide map to facilities and protests. More ominously in the wake of George Tiller's murder, it includes some ambiguous language about who should use it.

"As the national group focused on grassroots efforts to defeat Planned Parenthood, American Life League hopes the information presented will be helpful to all in this battle," the Web site reads.

Behind the scenes, ALL and other right-wing groups are pushing state and local governments to deny women access to birth control and emergency contraception, as well as "fetal personhood" laws begging for a Supreme Court challenge, said Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women. In the meantime, Gandy said, the grassroots are a critical battleground, and education is key.

"It's sad to say, they are targeting young women who, after eight years of 'abstinence only' sex mis-education, are particularly vulnerable to their propaganda," Gandy wrote in a letter. "We know that the greatest danger to women's lives comes from a lack of access to good reproductive health care, including birth control and abortion -- and scientifically accurate information."

So not only are they celebrating Dr. Tiller's murder, they're also offering helpful directions to the nearest assassination attempts and bombing sites. How thought of them! Obviously, these benighted fools want to see a return of the days when women were barefoot & pregnant. To my mind, that makes them the strongest possible argument for birth control.

I've got just one question, though: If the pill "kills babies," then what does masturbation do?? Hell, I guess according to these nutjobs, I was a mass murderer before I reached the age of fifteen!

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