Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pawlenty Declines Third Term,
Victim of Palin-Coleman Disease know, the bug that makes you think that you have a shot at winning the election?

Governor T-Paw announced yesterday that he wouldn't seek a third term; it was so widely reported that I didn't bother to talk about it. I think he's a scurrilous, pennypinching, uncaring, bought-and-paid-for asshole; that's all I need to know. Goodbye, good riddance, hope the dog bit you where the doorknob shoulda hit you.

But apparently, the rumors are true: Pawlenty thinks he has a shot at the presidency! The future GOP candidate for the presidency appeared today on Faux News mouthpiece Neil Cavuto's wingnut propaganda forum show, Your World With Neil Cavuto, and started in with the now-standard Rethug theme about how Obama is ruining the country. Talk about getting your talking points straight from Boss Limbaugh! Take a look:

"This is not the United States of America that we know and love and remember. This looks more like some sort of, you know, republic from South America circa 1970s." Bitch, please!--you and your party ran this country (and state) into the ground, T-Paw, and now you object when extraordinary measures are required to fix the mess you left? Are you kidding me?

Pawlenty is a lightweight, with no new ideas and nothing more than a fresh and unfamiliar (to most of America) face to hopefully sell the rest of the country the same old line of bullshit that got us in this mess in the first place. It didn't work in 2008, and it's not going to work in 2012. T-Paw won't get the nod, and if the rest of the country takes a good look at what Pawlenty has done to Minnesota, they'll chase him to South America.

"This is gonna be a very different country 12 or 24 months from now," Pawlenty said. Yes, Timmy--it might become the United States of America, again.

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