Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sarah, Quit Your Day Job--Please!

Sarah Palin debuts in her new career as a (deliberate) standup comedian....on the Tonight Show??

The former Republican vice presidential nominee turned into a standup comic on Jay Leno's "Tonight Show" Tuesday, dropping one-liners about the White House, Congress and Fey -- the "Saturday Night Live" star known for her impression of the former Alaska governor.
But before Palin hit the stage alone, she sat down with Leno and talked about her role at Fox News and about the Tea Party movement.
Leno asked Palin what she thinks about joining the media by becoming a Fox News analyst. Palin told Leno that she's there to build trust in the media. "I think that the mainstream media is quite broken and I think that there needs to be the fairness, the balance in there. That's why I joined Fox." Leno laughed.
When asked about the "beautiful" Tea Party movement, Palin described it as a group of "many, many independent people, not excessively partisan, not one side or another." Palin acknowledged that if the movement were to become a political party that it would probably hurt Republicans.
As part of her standup routine, Palin told Leno's audience she planned to speak at a gun-rights convention: "Be there or else," she warned them. 
"Be there or else?" Bitch, you'd better hope that I'm not there! I was already pissed at Jay Leno for elbowing Conan O'Brien aside--Jay, you screwed up in prime time, and you should take the hit for it, not Conan. But now Leno is kissing Sarah Palin's ass, too? GTFOH!!

For all the comics who've had to work sleazy dives across the country while getting themselves established, had to simultaneously work two or three day jobs while pursuing their dream of stardom, gotten the 1 AM slot at the comedy club and had to be happy that they got any stage time at all, and who've spent years learning their craft, this has to be an outrage. Her first gig is the Tonight Show?! Why is it that Palin once again gets a opportunity for which she's unqualified, untrained, inexperienced, and in the pursuit of which can only spew out snarky remarks?

On the plus side, maybe this will make Palin quit her day job of screwing up American politics. But in the meantime, Jay Leno can go fuck himself...and take Sarah Palin with him.

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