Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thank God For Rachel Maddow

I have to applaud Rachel Maddow for telling it like it is. Her continuing series, "They're Not Embarrassed," on Republican lies about health care reform is a breath of fresh air. No one else in the mainstream media has the courage to call out the Rethugs on their lies but her. You don't hear John King on CNN saying that Mitch McConnell lied again today (and you never will, because he's a tool and a pussy). Time and again Rachel shows how Republicans totally reverse themselves on issues, how they oppose things they once supported when their party was in power (like reconciliation), how these fools forget there's such a thing as videotape.

Check out how Rachel blows open Republican hypocrisy, below:

Where are the rest of the media  on this? I don't expect anything but lies from Fox Noise, but dammit, I expect better from the New York Times and the Washington Post! A lie is a lie is a lie. Especially on a major issue like health care, you'd think that adherence to the truth, or the lack thereof, would be newsworthy. I guess the MSM thinks we won't notice the hypocrisy if they don't point it out. (Why, I can't say for sure, but I have some ideas--but that's another post.) Well, we're not all that dumb, and we've got broadband. The old media isn't doing its vital job of supporting democracy, the Republicans are acting like spoiled brats, and too many people are either asleep or not paying attention. Thank all the gods for the new media, and people like Rachel Maddow.

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