Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stephen Colbert Is A National Treasure

Conservatives are dumb. (Yeah, I know, that's self-evident.) Laura Ingraham was the latest wingnut to stupidly believe that Stephen Colbert is secretly one of them, another wingnut, and not too bright a one, seeing as how he's a comedian. Didn't any of these fools see what Colbert did th Bush at the White House Press Corps dinner in 2005? Can't they get the sarcasm and double entendre he uses every night on his show? Perhaps it's because conservative humor, as one commentator wrote on, "can be described as enjoying putting people down and hurting them."

Well, surprise, surprise, Colbert is no more a conservative than Keith least, it was a surprise for stupid Laura Ingraham. Watch the follies, and enjoy:

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