Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Great Way to Help Occupy Wall Street

The Rude Pundit has a great idea on how to help Occupy Wall Street:

On Friday, November 25, the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, as marketers force us to know, let's give to our local Occupy encampments what they need to stay warm for the winter. 
The deal: check out your local Occupy website. There's a list of all the things they need in order to flat out survive into the spring
Bring stuff to keep 'em all warm through the cold nights since they are doing the hard, hard work of creating the foundation for genuinely forcing change in the political dialogue and the economic stratification of the United States (and around the world). 
On November 25th, as a show of general support, we'll meet to give as large a donation as possible in person at the occupation areas (or where the supplies are kept). Each city could have a meeting place and time for the donors. 
Speaking of marketing, we could call this "Blanket the Earth." We could organize this on, say, a Facebook page or perhaps a Twitter feed or a hastag.

Now, I live in the Frozen Tundra, and as I was just saying to my Significant Other earlier this evening, I must have enough cold weather gear to completely outfit two or three protesters. So I'm going to dig in my closet and visit my favorite outfitters for some stuff they could use, as well as talk to my friends and fellow bloggers about chipping in. How about you? I think this is a great idea!

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