Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Think The Matter Is Settled

One of the reasons given for the necessity of a large U.S. Navy is that it's needed to "keep the sea lanes open," presumably to protect our container ships, full of goods for the Hong Kong marketplace, from marauding Chinese warships.

Oh, wait....those container ships are Chinese, and they're sailing eastward, carrying tons of plastic crap for Wal-marts located here. My bad.

Today's global action by the central banks of England, Canada, Japan, China, and Switzerland proves once and for all that we live in an interconnected world. These countries were shooting at each other just 60-70 years ago!--and today they took part in a global effort to prevent another financial

Yes, my fellow Americans, 50-70 years isn't a very long time. Just ask an Iranian, or a resident of Nagasaki or  Ho Chi Minh City, or a Native American. Hell, ask and Englishman about the French! Our superficial, "gotta-have-it-NOW!" culture has left us unable to appreciate and understand what carrying a real grudge means.

So, I view today's action as an encouraging sign that technology, which in part has caused these problems, has also given us the means to be closer to each other.--even if "closer" in this instance means the hand in my pocket is 4,000 miles away. That's progress! And it also means that we don't need such a damn big navy, too.

So instead of all those ships, can we please bring some of those sailors and marines home, mothball a few ships, and use the money to fix some bridges, roads, and schools? And oh yeah, hire some teachers and firemen too! It might just help the economy, and also President Obama's chances of being reelected.

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