Saturday, November 1, 2008

Second Suit Filed Against Coleman

Several sources today have reported on a second suit against my favorite corrupt Republican senator, Norm Coleman. The StarTribune reported that a second lawsuit has been filed against Norm Coleman supporter Nasser Kazeminy, again alleging that money was illegally funneled from a Texas company to Norm, through bogus salary payments to his wife, Laurie. This suit, according to court documents, names

News of the second suit was picked up by Politico, which states that "a group of minority investors in Deep Marine Technology are making allegations against Kazeminy and Coleman nearly identical to the lawsuit filed in Houston last week. Politico's article goes on to identify what it calls "the money quote":
The second suit, brought by FLI Deep Marine LLC and Bressner Partners LTD, attributes its allegations to a "confidential source.''

According to the lawsuit, the source was told by Kazeminy in 2007 that "we have to get some money to Sen. Coleman'' because the senator "needs the money.''
Interestingly, the story reads differently on the StarTribune's website when comparing last night to today. MNPublius, covering this story, cited this paragraph from the StarTribune on this second suit:
The lawsuit is very similar to one filed earlier in the week in Houston by McKim. Both actions allege that Kazeminy told executives at Deep Marine that he wanted to provide financial assistance to the Colemans through an insurance consulting arrangement between Deep Marine and Hays Companies. But the second suit cites a “confidential source.” Kazeminy is a longtime friend and campaign contributor to Coleman.

…in a new wrinkle, Deep Marine’s former CEO, McKim, is named as a co-defendant with Kazeminy and several other individuals who were in positions of authority at the company.
However, when you go the story on the Strib's website, those paragraphs are mysteriously deleted. Fortunately, on the Pioneer Press's website, their coverage of this story reiterates the Strib's report, and repeats the information that McKim is named as a defendant in the second suit.

Whether or not the StarTribune is in the tank for Coleman isn't the point, though. What's important is that we've got another suit against Norm making the same allegations--that Coleman illegally received money from Kazeminy. Stay tuned for more.

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