Monday, January 12, 2009

Bush's Final Press Conference

Watching the last (thank GAWD!) Bush press conference this morning, I was struck by the unreality of this man. He takes no responsibility for anything that has happened on his watch. He even had the gall to say that he's had fun. FUN! The man has fucked up the entire planet, ruined everything he's touched, and he's had fun doing it?

Iraq, Afghanistan, New Orleans, the economy, national security, the environment, civil liberties, America's reputation abroad and our alliances, the political climate in Washington, respect for public office, corruption in elected officials, race relations, immigration issues, LGBT rights--the list goes on and on. We are worse off as a nation, a species, and a planet than we were in 2000. Yet Bush claimed that he chose and lead a team comprised of the best possible people, that they did the best that they could, and despite it all, darn it, they had fun.

Damn this man, and all his minions!

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