Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The Rude Pundit breaks it down for ya'll:
When Al Franken decided to run for the Senate in Minnesota, it was as one type of crusade, to redeem the seat of Paul Wellstone, ripped away by Wellstone's death in a plane crash and then by Republican subterranean ratfuckers, who manipulated Wellstone's memorial into some kind of anti-American face fart. Franken, who has talked repeatedly about this as another kind of scar, went into the election to take down Norm Coleman, the slick as shit huckster who was elected over Walter Mondale, the Wellstone surrogate in 2002. There was redemption to be had, and someone with celebrity and name recognition and deep pockets was the person to do it.

What the election turned into was another kind of redemption for Democrats. 'Cause, see, when Franken didn't concede the tight race back in November, he finally stood up and said let's see what happens when you actually fight for all the votes cast. When he decided not to be a mensch, like Gore and Kerry did with their tails between their legs, he demonstrated that Democrats can get into the kind of bare knuckle fight that Republicans have challenged them to time and again. And win.

Yeah, Coleman might fight, but he'll lose. The Republicans are gonna be fucking pieces of shit about Franken's election, but that's what Republicans do. They'll lose, too. So now there's someone heading to DC who is a wholehearted liberal, someone who learned from 2000 and 2004, put on his brass knuckles, and said, "Let's go."
I've been angry for a long, long time, watching this sleazy, opportunistic hack, Norm Coleman, despoil Paul Wellstone's senate seat. For the duration of his term, Norm Coleman has represented only himself, not the people of Minnesota (OK, maybe he's been a good representative for Nieman Marcus and Nordstrom's, too). Normie hugged Bush tighter than a cheap suit until the polls started going against him, but by then Coleman had no record to speak of when it became time for his own reelection.

So Norm slimed Al Franken, an intelligent, good, and honest man, throughout the election season. Normie played up Al's past comedic career to prevent the spotlight from shining on Norm's own stint as resident joke and corrupt little clown in the U.S. Senate, and ran the dirtiest campaign this state has ever seen. Norm has whined and sued and sputtered ever since November 4th, but now, when it's time for him to take his own advice and not prolong this contest in the face of an undeniable win, what's he going to do? By all accounts, he's going to do what he always does: sue when he can't win honestly.

Poor Normie. You can try to delay it all you want, Norm, but Minnesota's newest senator is Al Franken. Even Harry Reid says you'll never serve in the Senate again. Move back to Long Island and get high again, Norm; or maybe you can move to Alaska--I hear they might want a new governor in a few years. Either way, just go, Norm. GTFO!

Congratulations to Senator-Elect Al Franken, a tough and tested progressive Democrat, who will help us bring back America.

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