Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year, and WTF are They Up To NOW?

Happy New Year to everyone. I'm recovering from a total systems failure just after Xmas, and I'm presently practicing my New Year's resolution to drop Windows this year by posting this from my new Ubuntu Linux installation (v.8.10 Intrepid Ibex, for the tech-savvy out there). Screw you, Micro$oft!

Now, what the hell has been going on? In just the last five days, the Israelis have begun bombing Gaza, the Pakistanis and the Indians are tettering on the verge of starting the world's first nuclear war, Norm Coleman is whining about Al Franken all the way to the loser's box in the Minnesota Senate race, oil is back above $40/barrel, Blago had the nerve to appoint an egomanaical hack to Barack Obama's Senate seat, and Bush is still trying to lie about his record, and the GOP is still singing "Barack the Magic Negro"??--WTF?! And, oh yeah: a Muslim family with three small children was dragged off an airplane for the crime of wondering where the safest seats were, and John Cormyn can kiss my ass--Harry Reid should call his bluff.

Watch out, wingnuts, I'm back!!

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