Saturday, May 9, 2009

CBS, Fire This Asshole!

Keith Olbermann exposes a murderous wingnut at CBS Sports:

Does this asshole think he's funny, or did he think that his offensive and derogatory comments wouldn't be heard beyond the heart of Bush Country? Wrong, dipshit! Olbermann rightly takes him to task for insulting the men and women in our military (who btw donated nearly six times as much money to Pres. Obama's presidential campaign as they did to John McCain's), as well as for his original suggestion that the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader be assassinated.

I have to ask too, how in hell is this considered "funny"? Why do far-right flakes like this guy Feherty think that it's okay, acceptable, even, to suggest that Democratic/progressive politicians and public figures be murdered, even though I've been listening them scream about "law & order" for most of the last forty years? Why are statements like this--or like the Coultergeist's many books and speeches suggesting that liberals be murdered--tolerated? And where is the Secret Service and CBS management? Fire this treasonous bastard, then throw him in Leavenworth!

This isn't funny, not one damn bit. And Feherty, if you ever find yourself in an elevator with me, watch your ass.

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