Friday, May 29, 2009

Confusion To Our Enemies!

The GOP Circular Firing Squad is in full array today, as the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor causes a widening split in the party ranks:
After a week of escalating race and gender rhetoric from the right over the Sotomayor nomination, it's now looking like some in the Republican Party -- those concerned with actually getting elected -- have become alarmed by the political damage the more extreme members of their party may be doing and are moving to rein in the vitriol. It's the starkest example yet of an interesting division within the right, one that has been apparent for some time, but which the Sotomayor nomination has not only crystalized but accelerated: the right-wing bomb-throwers obsessed with ideological purity versus the right-wing pragmatists who want the party to actually win election again some day.
This nomination has the GOP in a tizzy. Should they start a virtual all-out race war, as Limbaugh and Gingrich have called for, or should they play it cool, as Steele and Cornyn advise, and not piss off the huge Hispanic vote? I can hear the "What to do, what to do?! Pander to the base, or pander to the Hispanic voters?" I'm loving it! The native stupidity and racism of the Rethugs finally is on full display. It's like turning on a light, and watching all the roaches suddenly scurry away.

Personally, I give a tip of my hat to President Obama, for selecting the one person for this vacancy on the Court who could give the Rethugs apoplexy, a nomination that will help to weaken and expose an already-wounded political party that's sorely lacking in new ideas and new faces. I mean, really: Steele and Cornyn on the same side? Cornyn attacking FatAss Limbaugh? Gingrich and Limbaugh teaming up, with Tancredo metaphorically on the sidelines, yelling at the officials?

I'm getting a bag of popcorn and settling in to watch the melee....this is great!

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