Monday, May 11, 2009

Franken to MN Supremes: "I Won Fair & Square"

Al Franken's lawyers today told the Minnesota Supreme Court that Norm Coleman has no case, and that Franken should be awarded the election certificate for the U.S. Senate:
In responding to Republican Norm Coleman's appeal, Franken denied that variations in the way counties handled absentee ballots denied some voters' constitutional rights.

"The different procedures were consistent with the different resources, personnel and technology available to each county and city," Franken said in a document filed with the Supreme Court.

Franken also said Coleman's lawyers never adequately raised a constitutional due process argument during seven weeks of court testimony during the trial.

Coleman claimed during closing arguments a due process violation because the three-judge panel that heard the case imposed different standards for counting ballots than were used during the election and recount.
Normie, John Cornyn, and the GOP conspiracy (can't call them a national party, they don't think that they are one themselves) may be willing to keep Minnesotans from having their constitutionally mandated number of senators, but I'm hoping the the state Supreme Court doesn't agree with them. Michael Steele can yammer all he wants, but he's a dead man walking anyway, so his opinion counts for nothing. As for Limbaugh, well, I haven't heard anything from him, but I don't make a habit of listening to his belching anyway, and he counts for less than something I'd scrape off the bottom of my boots, in this matter.

So it comes down to Pawlenty, and T-Paw will either have to obey an order from the Minnesota Supreme Court, or nakedly admit that he's just a tool of the party, and doesn't give a damn about Minnesota. Pawlenty thinks he has a chance for the 2012 nomination, and he's likely still smarting from losing the VP nod to Sarah Palin, so which way he'll go is in doubt. Personally, I think he'll sign the election certificate; he really has little choice. However, you can bet your ass that if he balks at signing the certificate, he'll be seeing me outside his window with a big sign saying "Sign The Papers!" every damn night.

This crap has gone on for far too long, but one positive result of it has been that almost everyone in the state uniformly hates Norm Coleman, now--even the majority of his supporters from last fall. That's worth something, I think.

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