Sunday, March 1, 2009

Harry Potter: Zionist Tool

Sometimes I really despair of intelligence, sanity, and rationality ever increasing in our world. From the Times of London's TimesOnline website:

This is a clip from a December 15th documentary screened by IRINN, the Iranian News Channel. Its theme is how the Jews, battling for world supremacy, are using Harry Potter as a tool.

Sample quote:

"The Harry Potter film series reached the cinema following the success of the Zionist propaganda machine which made this little known author and her book famous......It can be viewed as a compilation of secrets and of theories used by the Zionist media....."

And then there is this observation:

"The Zionists support Harry Potter because he is the promised Messiah."

OMG, what the fuck is wrong with these people?! Then again, are they any worse than Pat Robertson?


Rising Sun- L said...


A fictional character is the messiah?

What's scary is that these people appear to be scholars.

It's more likely that they were referring to Jews idea of supremacy rather than Nazi ideas of supremacy?

That is some really crazy shit. And lots of crazy people will eat it up.

Wonder how JK Rowling fits into this. Unwitting innocent twisted into serving Zionist aims or cog of the evil Zionist propaganda machine.

Strong said...

I think they've pegged Rowling as a Zionist tool. *LOLOLOLOL*