Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So Many Fools, So Little Time

There's been so much foolishness going on lately, that whenever I take a day off, I return to find myself inundated by a tsunami of foolishness, stupidity, greed, and insolence. So, here's the short, catch-up version:

Seppuku for AIG execs? Not a bad idea. Finally, a new idea from the Party of No!

Glen Beck is crazy as a rat in a tin shithouse. But maybe, if people keep watching his mad rantings, we'll be able to see televised proof of spontaneous human combustion.

Dick Cheney is the epitome of mendacious evil--but I hope he keeps talking. When does the war crimes trial start?

John King is no Wolf Blitzer.....which isn't saying a whole lot to begin with.

For the Nth time, Hawaii is American soil!

Michael Steele is a fool, and Wingnut Central will toss him out, soon. But what if he was right? It would be his ass in a sling--idiot!

Stephen Colbert may be on to something here. What I want to know is: can we use swords instead of pitchforks?

No matter how the trial ends, Norm Coleman, one way or the other, is finished in Minnesota politics.

P.S.: Thanks to Adria Richards for demonstrating that we do have some smart, photogenic, tech-savvy folk here in Minnesota--and some of us aren't Scandahoovian, either!

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Adria Richards said...

You are welcome!

Politics and Norm Coleman's database security issues aside, I want to share that I have received so many comments of support from women in technology who told me I did a great job on the show.

I have also received compliments that I wear my hair "natural".

Lastly, someone who I truly respect on the internet as a Woman in Technology reminded me that by going on national television and speaking intelligently about computer technology sent a positive message to little girls all over that they can be anything, learn anything and go after what they find interesting :)

I'm happy to be "just a bit different" than the average techie.

Thanks again!

Adria Richards
Organic Technology Consultant
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