Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Michael Steele: He's No Spook Sitting By The Window..., he's the GOP lawn jockey:
Republican insiders tell Political Wire that a no confidence vote on RNC Chairman Michael Steele is likely to be called after the NY-20 special election on March 31 -- regardless of whether Republicans win the seat or not.
And who's subtly campaigning for the post?
Katon Dawson, who came in second in the January RNC vote, is said to be quietly organizing a vote and is getting the support of several state party chairmen who want to dump Steele.
Steele has been a media lightning rod and a capering idiot since his election to the GOP chairmanship in February. He's been criticized by everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Joe the (not) Plumber, and has generally acted like an damn fool ever since taking the post. I mean, my gawd, this is the kind of guy that makes other black people cover their eyes and say "damn, why did it have to be one of us doing some stupid shit like that?" Stupid things like:
So, the first African-American chairman of the GOP could be ousted by a man who says he first became involved in politics because of his opposition to desegregation?! I have to echo Kos: does God love me this much??

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