Sunday, March 8, 2009

Understand This: There Ain't Gonna Be No Revote!

Norm Coleman's recent noises about declaring the Senate vote in November void, and having another election, is just so much bullshit. It's just not going to happen. A new election would require a change in Minnesota law. So what's all this noise about Norm having a chance? Simple: it's more Republican lies and deceit, intended to keep Minnesota from having its second senator, unless the Senate Repugs get their boy in. Which isn't going to happen.

Al Franken won the election. He won the recount. And so far, the judges hearing this ridiculous case seem to be siding with Al. Harry Reid wants to seat Al, but the Repugs are using this mishegosh to power their fundraising drives around the country, and John Cormyn has vowed to filibuster any attempt to seat Al before the trial ends. The Repugs are desperately afraid of the Democrats getting any closer to sixty votes in the Senate. So we wait, and wait, and wait; while Norm's legal and public excuses get thinner and thinner, and Minnesota is denied its rightful representation in the Senate at this critical time.

I say again: Minnesota law does not allow for a new election. This is all a transparent attempt to keep the Senate Democrats from having fifty-nine votes, one short of a filibuster-proof majority. Norm needs to quit it. He needs to give up his suit, and withdraw, taking what little shreds of his honor he has left. Norm Coleman needs to realize that he's no longer a U.S. Senator, and Al Franken is the junior senator from Minnesota.

Of course, I might as well wish for it to rain gold and diamonds from the sky, for peace in the Middle East, and for Rush Limbaugh to be caught with either a dead girl or a live boy. Fat chance of that! The bottom line is, the Republicans of today have no honor, no dignity, and no shame. But for now, I'll place my confidence in the system to make an end of this, soon.

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