Monday, April 20, 2009

Coleman Files Appeal,
Loses Last Shreds of Dignity, Sanity, & Hope

It took seven days for him to decide, but Norm Coleman finally did it.

Minnesota Independent:
Norm Coleman has kept his word and filed a notice of petition to appeal his election-contest loss today to the Minnesota Supreme Court (pdfs available here). The former U.S. senator’s petition will ask the state’s high court to find fault with last week’s election contest court ruling that Democrat Al Franken won Coleman’s old Senate seat by 312 votes.

Coleman lawyers Ben Ginsberg and Jim Langdon told reporters by phone that the petition highlights alleged double-counting of votes and failure to count thousands of rejected absentee ballots. Among the arguments are equal-protection and due-process claims based on the U.S. Constitution.

Langdon said the high court would have broader discretion to consider such Constitutional arguments than did (sic) the lower, three-judge election-contest panel, which he said was more constrained by prior court rulings.

Langdon estimated that oral arguments the Coleman’s side is requesting could come in two weeks to two months, although the Supreme Court isn’t actually obligated to hold oral arguments at all. He said he expects "a very time-sensitive and expedited schedule"--in part because rules obligate the court to drop everything else for this kind of case.

What Normie expects to get out of this when, in every recount of the absentee ballots, Al Franken's lead has increased, is simple: the 59th Democratic senator is delayed from taking hs seat, and Normie stays ouf of jail for one more day. He knows he can't win, but he's just following orders at this point.

Norm is a lying, whining weasel, pure and simple, a sore loser and a future felon, and the Rethug plutocrats backing his endless legal shenanigans are obstructionist, petty assholes. Norm won't be able to run for dog catcher in Minnesota after this fiasco, but he keeps filing petitions and appeals and wasting the people of Minnesota's time because his masters in the GOP have told him to do so. And for their part, the GOP moneymen financing all this don't give a rat's ass about Norm or Minnesota, but they'll do anything to slow down Pres. Obama's agenda. Yes, they all belong in court, all right--criminal court.

Here's hoping that that Minnesota Supreme Court refuses to hear this case, and kicks Norm to the curb.

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