Friday, April 17, 2009

The Flying Imams Crashedlanded At The Party? (Or, Michele Bachmann Is A Stupid Bitch, #1,977--Now With More Crazy!)

Local congresscritter and world-class loony Michele Bachmann is at it again, this time telling absolute lies and untruths about the 2006 "flying imams" incident at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Appearing on San Francisco radio KSFO back in April, Bachmann told a totally fabricated story about the incident:
“The imams, the imams were actually attending, ah, Congressman Keith Ellison’s victory celebration, when he won as a member of Congress,” Bachmann said.

Actually, they were in Minneapolis attending the fourth annual conference of the North American Imams Federation, as the Minnesota Independent, the New York Times and others reported at the time.

She also related that local “Somalis have been recruited, ah, taken, apparently to, ah, training camps, and, ah, one of the Somalis, ah, became a suicide bomber in the Middle East.” While there’s evidence that these young men weren’t “taken” but saved up to fund their own trips, the error here is in the story of a local Somali man who is thought to have died as a suicide bomber: He did so not in the “Middle East,” but in Somalia.

Of course, they were here for the party--don't all the Muslims know each other? Is there any connect with objective reality for this woman, or, as has been suggested elsewhere, does she actually believe everything she reads on the internet?

Congressman Ellison, appearing today on The Ed Schultz Show, said: "This is not true. I think it could even be called 'Psycho Talk.'"

My advice for Michele is: increase your medication.

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