Saturday, April 11, 2009

So Clueless They're Laughable...But Their Intent Is Not

The anti-gay marriage group National Organization for Marriage, the sponsors of a new, anti-gay marriage, fear-mongering video now being shown online and in trailer parks everywhere, have named their new initiative "2M4M." They think it stands for "2 Million for Marriage;" I leave it to Dan Savage and the rest of the Craigslist-reading world to inform them of its true meaning. But the fact that these idiots don't have any idea what that acronym means to the rest of the world gives me hope, because if they'll put out a bad idea like that, then the rest of their divisive crusade can't be any smarter.

It's bad enough that in their melodramatic video they make totally false claims, like the idea that granting the same rights to gays that straights enjoy "will take their freedom away;" it's worse that they sound just like the Dixie segregationists of the mid-20th Century. I wonder if these fools realize how similar their arguments are to the racist fallacies once said to oppose integration. Do they understand that lying about gay marriage doesn't bring more people to their cause, but instead makes reasonable people rightly fear them, and not their "coming storm" of gay people enjoying the same rights as everyone else? And what the hell would be wrong about that anyway? Also, do they realize that hiring actors to pretend that they're "concerned citizens" only weakens their arguments and makes them look even more like fools?

By falsely claiming that gay marriage proponents are trying to force their values on everyone else, without showing any support for their wild statements, this group sounds just like the segregationists who said that if you give black people integration, then next they'll be taking your jobs and marrying your daughters. (And the problem with that is....?) It's a crime that a group of people have to suffer and be denied the inalienable rights that all humans should enjoy, simply because of who they choose to love. It should be a crime to deny anyone the right to love and marry whom they choose. If these fearmongers don't like it, then they can stay in their dark caves alone, for all I care. But they must be made to understand that the right to marry is just that, a right...and all their prejudices and fears can't take that away from people--at least, not forever.

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