Monday, April 6, 2009

When Will Sarah Palin's 15 Minutes Be Over?

So I'm watching the dust settle after the latest Palin blowup, and I can't help but laugh. Levi says that Sarah "probably knew" they were having sex? And he's the fall guy in all of this?--
So, yeah. Levi Johnston was just some regular dumb kid from in a shitty town, and then he knocked up his girlfriend, and because his girlfriend's mom was running for vice president as a family values conservative, he had to pretend he wanted to marry this girl, and he was dressed up in a monkey suit and paraded before the nation as an exemplar of traditional heartland values like "terrible life-altering accidents stemming from lack of proper sex education (and also, you know, being a dumb teenager— it happens, but usually you can do something about it unless national politics are involved)."
And Sarah, as stupid and vindictive as ever, goes after this kid with a vengeance. But Levi is the bad guy here, not the one who put this teenaged couple into the national spotlight in the first place? Hey Gov. Stupid, who put their unwed pregnant teenage daughter out before the public in a vain and cynical attempt to win votes? Amazing--for the first time in my life, the conservatives celebrated an unwed teenage mother's pregnancy! And did anyone actually believe that this kids were going to get married? Did you not see the look of "get me outta here!" on Johnston's face all throughout the convention?

So after the breakup, the arrests, and the nationally-syndicated back&forth, we've got a kid with no father in the house, two teenage high school dropouts, and one insanely vindictive, hugely cynical, and immensely stupid governor, all airing their dirty laundry before the nation. This latest modern-day Hatfield-McCoy scuffle just makes me glad that most of the country had the good sense to vote for Obama & Biden last fall!

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