Thursday, January 21, 2010

The End of Democracy?

The Supreme Court just screwed us all. Corporations can now spend money on elections the same way that you and I can. Yeah, that's fair! I've got $50 in my pocket, and ExxonMobil made $4 billion in profits last quarter. Crooks and Liars has more:
The case we've all been waiting for – and dreading – is finally here. Citizens United v. FEC started off as an insignificant case about an anti-Hillary film, but the Roberts Court turned it into a vehicle for radically expanding the influence of corporations.
Here's the bottom line to today's 5-4 ruling: giant corporations can spend as much as they please on elections to advance their agendas. The right-wing Roberts court ruled that Exxon has the same free speech rights as you and me. In other words, Exxon is a person too.
While companies still won't be able to give directly to federal candidates, they'll be able to spend billions on attack ads, robocalls, and direct mail. You know, just like you and I are free to do.
Yeah, I just happen to have a spare billion dollars to spend on advertising against wingnuts like DeMint, Imhofe, Palin, Ensign, Boehner, Brown, and their ilk. This has to be fought, and fought hard. I swear, these days I just about have my congresscritters on speeddial.


Rising Sun- L said...

That's because your congresscritter is the craziest critter of all like ours- Michele Bachmann.

Rising Sun- L said...

Oops, is NOT