Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday Gasbags

I was watching some of the Sunday morning talk shows yesterday. A few observations:

Peggy Noonan: Ann Coulter as a woman, without the vitriol. A Christian heretic, in that she believes that Ronald Reagan was the Second Coming of Christ.

Scott Brown: Sean Hannity, without his charming personality. How long will it be before he proposes the creation of an "Obama Citizenship & Legitimacy Truth Commission?"

The Supreme Court (now brought to you by Fox!): Proof positive that five old white men can jump...when ExxonMobil is calling the tune.

Digby noticed some other odd phenomenon:
In case you were wondering, the consensus on all the Sunday gasbag shows is that Obama is an abject failure because of his radical leftist ideology and that his only hope of even maintaining the presidency, much less winning a second term is to take a sharp turn to the right and enact the Republican agenda. Several commentators, including such luminaries as political cross dresser Matthew Dowd on ABC, insisted that the first thing the president has to do is pick a huge fight with the Democrats to show the country that he isn't one of them. Cokie said he should have asked John McCain from the beginning what he was allowed to do.

The historians and expert political observers on Fareed Zakaria's CNN show all agreed that Obama is no Reagan, a president who never governed ideologically and always worked across party lines. Oh, and he needs to be a president or a prime minister, but nobody could agree on exactly what that means except that he should try to be more like Scott Brown, the white Barack Obama, except without all the liberalism.

Oddly, the Republicans weren't mentioned, although Robert Caro did note that Obama inherited something of a mess. Peggy Noonan said he ran to win not to govern and they all agreed that was a brilliant observation. Zakaria did point out that Obama had a higher approval rating at this stage than both Reagan and Clinton and that the two Bush's were higher at this point because of wars and they all stared for a moment and then went on about centrism and prime ministers again.

The Village has officially turned. I'm guessing they'll be calling for his resignation by July.
I swear, it's not worth getting up on a weekend morning to watch this drivel.  I think I'd rather stay in bed with my baby.

UPDATE: Almost forgot--George Will is always an idiot.

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