Monday, January 11, 2010

You Knew It Was Gonna Happen:
Palin Joins Fox

Finally, someone dumber than Gretchen Carlson will appear on Faux News!


It was inevitable. Fox News confirms to the New York Times today that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will become a regular contributor to the cable news channel.

In a multi-year deal, Palin will appear on the channel regularly. A source told the Times that while she will not have her own regular show, she will host an occasional series.

Looks like Levi Johnston was right, she's after the benjamins. Putting Palin on Fox, as one commenter put it, will give Jon Stewart multiple orgasm, and Keith Olbermann might elevate her to his "Worst Persons In The World" Hall of Fame. Hilarity will almost certainly ensue.

Now, the real question is: is Palin smart enough to read off a TelePrompter, or will they need a three-second delay to edit out the stupid?


FreeSprirtedRuminations said...

My vote is for the three second delay. She will not only have trouble reading it, she will probably also automatically drop all the "g's" and think it's cute.

risingsn said...

I say forget both the prompter and the delay. Bring on the stupid! It'll give Jon Stewart fodder for years to come.