Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti II:
Disaster Brings Out The Assholes on the Right

I'm so angered by the remarks made by Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh about the earthquake in Haiti, and American disaster relief efforts there, that I'm tempted to ask "who will rid me of these troublesome pundits?", but I won't.....for now. I always knew that these two demons didn't give a damn about anyone other than themselves, but they outdid themselves with their remarks today about Haiti.

I can scarcely find words to express my anger and contempt for these two. Amidst the most horrific disaster since the 2008 tsunami, as a human tragedy unfolds in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, these two slimebags can't wait to pile on the hatred, racism, and ignorance that is their stock-in-trade. Haiti as a country has been literally destroyed, with no seaport, no services, no telephones (save satellite phones), no police, and no hospitals or schools intact. The most powerful earthquake the country has experienced in 200 years has left thousands of people buried alive in collapsed buildings, waiting for help that may come too late. Doctors Without Borders believes that they've lost most of their 800 people in the country, and thousands of American citizens are caught up in the disaster. The UN mission in Haiti estimates that more than 150 of their personnel are buried in the rubble, and dozens more are dead. In Port-au-Prince, the bodies of the dead are strewn about the city's streets, there's no electricity, water, or food, and the final death toll is estimated to exceed 100,000, yet Limbaugh and Robertson gleefully step feet first into the disaster with their patented evil.

Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh will sleep safe & sound in their beds tonight, while millions are left naked, fearful, and dazed, while the injured and dead lie in the streets and shantytowns of Haiti. I know who made a deal with the devil, and it wasn't the Haitians--it was these two walking shitbags, and I hope they burn in hell.


Rick said...

That deal with the devil comment is absurd, I agree. There is really no theological foundation for it.

Strong said...

There are no historical facts to back up Robertson's ridiculous claim, either. The man is senile.